Presented in alphabetical order:

Aguas de Regiao de Maputo

The utility works in Maputo, Mozambique, and covers a population of 2,170,000, with a current NRW estimate of 41% for the Maputo system. The network has a distribution network of more than 3000km, including primary, secondary and tertiary networks. AdeM has around 255,000 customers. The demonstration project will be in Boane Village, and will cover 7,000 connections and 37,100 individuals. The Boane area is most critical in terms of losses, with around 70% NRW.

Integrated Water Resources International (IWRI)

IWRI will work with a branch of Ghana Water Company Ltd in or near Accra, which covers about 4 million people, with a current NRW estimate of 47%. The demonstration project will cover 5,000 connections and serve a population of 20,500 individuals. IWRI will train local resources including fresh graduates as part of this initiative.

Michael Goldblatt

Goldblatt will work with Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, an area which currently struggles with 43% NRW.

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Uganda

The NWSC in Uganda is a country-wide utility, and will focus their demonstration project on Kampala. The Kampala service area of the utility covers 3,500,000 individuals, and has an average NRW of 33%. The demonstration project will cover 15,000 connections and serve 180,000 individuals. The project will have a big emphasis on customer meter replacements as many need replacing, and will move towards the use of automated meters.

NWSC utility covering Kitwe, Kalulushi and Chambishi towns in Zambia covers a population of about 777,000 and has a current NRW estimate of 61%. The demonstration project will be in Mukuba Natwange in Kitwe town. The demonstration project will cover 1,050 connections and will serve a population of 6,300. The reduction of NRW will be achieved mainly by metering of all properties, many of which currently pay by flat rate.

Nkana Water and Sewerage Company (NWSC)

Upande Ltd

The Kenyan based firm Upande Ltd will work with Nakura Rural Water & Sanitation Co, which is mandated to supply water to the whole of Nakuru County except Nakuru and Naivasha Sub Counties. The utility actively serves 305,000 individuals, and currently has a NRW rate of 63%. The demonstration project will cover 26,363 connections and serve a population of 126,000. The area is facing large commercial losses attributable to a large number of customers either being metered on estimation, dormant or connecting illegally.

Weircapacity Ltd will work with Kaduna State Water Corporation in Kaduna, Nigeria. The utility serves 1,700,000 and has an estimated NRW of 65%. The demonstration project will be carried out in Narayi zone with 3,100 connections and cover around 53,000 individuals. The utility currently faces intermittent supply in the demonstration project, and high commercial losses as only about 10% of customers in Narayi are metered at present.

Weircapacity ltd

WRP Consulting Engineers

WRP Consulting Engineers Ltd will work with the City of Tshwane (South Africa) and SA Breweries will implement their demonstration project in City of Tshwane, which serves a population of about 3.5 million and has a NRW of 25% at present. The intervention will also include repairs for large-consumer households beyond the meter to reduce water losses (i.e. inside the house).