Dreampipe Phase 3 Press Release

The Dreampipe Challenge is an innovation prize competition run by Ideas to Impact, a programme implemented by IMC Worldwide and funded by UK Aid delivered by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). Its aim is to stimulate creative solutions across climate change adaptation, access to energy and water, sanitation and hygiene, in developing countries.

Launched in 2016, the goal of the Dreampipe Challenge is to encourage solutions to the issue of non-revenue water (NRW), which is the difference between water supplied by utilities and water billed to customers. NRW is a major development challenge in low-income countries, which already face water scarcity, rapid urbanisation and growing population.

After two successful stages, and a great award event at the WaterLoss 2018 in Cape Town, it has been decided that the Dreampipe Challenge will not proceed to Phase 3. We were pleased with the plethora of solutions presented by the applicants and winners of Stage 2; which shows that innovation prizes can attract new and unusual solutions. However, the wide range of solutions to Stage 2 means that designing a Phase 3 with guiding and judging criteria which was to be fair to all would be very challenging, we also believe that many of the winners of Stage 2 will go on to achieve Dreampipe’s goals without a Stage 3 Prize.  For these reasons we have reached the decision to not run the third phase.

The whole team would like to thank you and the wider NRW reduction community for your interest, support and engagement throughout this Prize Process.


For more information;  contact@dreampipe.org