We are very grateful for the assistance and contribution of our judges:

Bambos Charlambous (Independent Consultant)

Joanne Collins (Financial Consultant)

David Ehrhardt (CEO, Castalia)

Malcolm Farley (Independent Consultant)

Dr Steven Fawkes (Managing Partner, EnergyPro Ltd)

Jurica Kovač (Independent Consultant, Secretary of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group)

Bill Kingdom (Global Lead, Water Supply and Sanitation, World Bank)

Ivaylo Kolev (Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist, The World Bank)

Dennis Mwanza (Independent Consultant)

Perry Rivera (COO New Business and Operations, Manila Water Co Inc. President & CEO, Manila Water Philipines Ventures & Manila Water Asia)

Sophie Tremolet (Senior Economist, Water Global Practice, World Bank)

Gerard Soppe (Regional Director Asia, Vitens Evides International)

Jim Southworth (Independent Consultant)

Alan Wyatt (Independent Consultant)

Ned Yescombe (Independent Consultant)


Special Advisor on Funds: Miguel Sanz